I went to the last day of filming!

  • Got there around 11am, they were already filming inside and extras were walking back and forth in front of the theater.. I think it was Whoopi and I have no idea who & what they were filming
  • Around 1pm is when they started filming outside. Lea, Jon, Cory ran through rehearsals with Eric the director
  • Lea was in skinny jeans, wedges, and a blouse. Cory in jeans, shirt, and sneakers. Jon was in his suit from the other days
  • During breaks Lea and Jon were hugging each other and then started playfully pushing each other.
  • Cory was talking with the director for most of the breaks but he talked with Lea and Jon for a bit
  • They went to go change into their ‘Nationals’ clothes and extras came out 
  • I honestly don’t know what they were filming but it was Rachel and Jesse talking then Finn joins in, Rachel leaves and then it ends with Finn and Jesse talking. 
  • Cory was talking to Whoopi on his break and then Jon and Lea joined them
  • Lea is super loud it was funny cause I heard her talking to Whoopi and she said “Yeah.. yeah.. yeah” and started laughing
  • I went over to their trailers and thats when I met Cory!!
  • Cory was super nice to everyone and met each and everyone of us (12?), It was my turn and I told him sorry for being short and he said sorry for being really tall then we took that first picture (the zoomed up one)
  • I asked him for another picture cause the first one was weird and I hugged him before the picture and that ended up as my pose haha
  • He said bye to everyone and I told him he has a sick badass car, he said “thanks but I need to take off this rack” (snowboard rack) and I told him “but its for your snowboard!” he replied “but its not season anymore!” then I said “you’re right” and we waved bye hahahah 
  • Whoopi walked by and we asked for a picture but she said she was on the way to the bathroom (she looked like she really needed to go hahah) I told her I was a fan and she turned back and smiled at me
  • After 30 or so minutes Lea came back to the trailers to change and she went to her car and left, as she was driving off she rolled down her window and waved bye to us
  • JGroff pulled over to sign some autographs from his car before he left but security told us to go =/

I was talking to people that were there last night who met the cast around 11pm when they were done shooting. I’m not sure if all of this is accurate but: Darren, Chris, Naya, Lea, Mark, Heather were the first to leave. Everyone else stayed and met the fans who were waiting. One person told me “they told the security guard they wanted to meet the ones who waited before they left the set.” I was told Dianna and Vanessa were first to get out of the vans and went immediately to the fans to meet them. Others went to change before they came to meet the fans. But every cast member that stayed met each and every fan that waited. I was told Dianna sounded really tired and her voice was raspy but she made an effort to meet each person. Vanessa and Alex made conversation with others too. 

I wish I stayed longer last night :( but hopefully the people who met them post about it on tumblr! 

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